Oil Free Hummus

Have you ever noticed that a serving of hummus is 2 tablespoons? That is, according to the packaging on most store-bought hummus containers. The amount of oil added to hummus skews the serving size, which clearly should be about a half cup of hummus, at least! After trying this oil free hummus recipe, you’ll wonder […]

Healthy Vegan Banana Bread

This healthy vegan banana bread is sooo yummy! We have been making this big double loaf for our breakfasts for the past few weeks. We have adapted this recipe over the months and we finally have it how we want it. It is oil free, so to replace the oil, I simply added more bananas […]

Grocery List and Meal Prep

Look at all these wonderfully delicious veggies and whole foods I got at the store! In this post, Ill go over our grocery list and the meals we prepped for the week. Our meal prep only took us about 3 hours. This week we strayed just a bit from being completely whole foods. I did […]

Oil Free Berry Bars

These oil free berry bars are easy to make and they’re healthy enough for breakfast. The original recipe used vegan butter or coconut oil, but I wanted to try apple sauce in place of the oils. They turned out really good! The bars really aren’t very sweet. I try to get away with the least […]