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Hi 🙂 I’m Amanda, creator of MAD CACAO.

I created this blog to help motivate, and inspire others to live a healthy, active and environmentally conscious lifestyle. Here are a few things about me.

I’m an Esthetician

I’ve been an esthetician since 2010, working to help others feel more confident in their skin. I’ve learned so much over the years about the skin and the ingredients that are used in skin care and cosmetics. Carcinogens and toxic chemicals are widely used in the products that are available to us, from baby wipes and tampons to skin care and makeup. For this reason, I prefer to support natural brands that steer clear of toxic chemicals.

I’m a Certified Fitness Instructor

Exercising is probably my most favorite thing to do. I love the rush of an accelerated heart-rate, the burn of resistance training session, and the deep stretch of a sore muscle. The happiness that physical activity has brought into my life is something that I want to spread to every person I meet. Physical fitness is not about looking a certain way- its about being able to thrive in any situation life throws at us.

I’m a Kinesiology Student

If an exercise is not safe, it’s not effective. I’ve had to learn this the hard way many, many times. I have scoliosis, a 20 degree curve in my spine and I am very prone to injury since my whole body is off balance, so exercising in a safe way is a priority for me. Remember this: your movement is only as good as your form. This goes for everything not just exercise, even bending over to pick something up, how we get up out of bed, how we walk or how we stand. The body is one long kinetic chain and we just have one for our entire lives so we must use it frequently and safely. I am continuing to learn more about the way our bodies are meant to move.

I Love Yoga

Everyone on earth can benefit from deep breathing and mindful movements. Yoga breathing (pranayama) expands lung capacity which allows us to absorb more oxygen and the physical poses (asanas) improves mobility, strength and balance, just to name a few. Flexibility is one of the 5 components of fitness and its is probably the most underrated. Moving painlessly through full range of motion can add ease and comfort to our daily lives.

I’m Vegan

There are many reasons why I choose to live a vegan lifestyle. I no longer want to financially support the animal agriculture industry because it is the leading cause for climate change, deforestation, ocean dead zones, water pollution among many other environmental factors. It’s incredibly unsustainable, 1/3 of the world’s grain is used for animal agriculture, that’s enough grain to end world hunger, over and over again. Not only all of that, but eating animal based foods is extremely unhealthy. There is an overwhelming amount of evidence that shows the cholesterol, saturated fats and added hormones in animal based foods are directly related to all the leading killers in the world: heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer. Along with environmental and health reasons, I am also vegan for ethical reasons. I empathize with animals and I would not want to kill an animal whether it’s a cat, chicken or family member. 

These are some of the things that I am most passionate about and I am full of information that I will be sharing through my blog posts. Stay tuned.



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