Mindful Monday: Mantra

A mantra is defined as a statement or slogan repeated frequently. I like to use mantras to help me stay  focused and dedicated or to help me get through a stressful situation with a level head. I was first introduced to mantras in yoga. In a yoga class, we choose a word or phrase at the beginning of the yoga practice, for example: breathe. Any time we become distracted in yoga, we just remind ourselves : breathe. The same idea can be applied into our daily lives. That is where the concept of a Monday mantra comes in.

At the beginning of the week, choose a word or phrase that you want to be your slogan for the week. It can be anything you want, you can get creative and find something unique that fits your personality. Some ideas I like to throw out in a yoga setting are words like: Gratitude, Peace, Love, Acceptance. One of my favorite mantras, and the one I want to introduce today: I am Complete.

This phrase helps me when I am seeking an instant gratification like indulging in processed food or giving into any form of addiction. I know that the happiness and satisfaction will be short lived. I remind myself: I am Complete , I don’t need to rely on anything else to find happiness, I am complete and whole, just the way I am. This mantra has been so effective for me, helping me stay on track to meet my goals. The satisfaction that comes after something we worked hard for is much deeper and has long lasting effect.

Do you have any mantras that you like to use? Any other phrases that resonate with you? Leave a comment and let me know if you try this technique as a Monday mantra and how it works for you.

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