Cheap, healthy, effortless vegan veggie stew

What are some of the cheapest foods you can think of?





These are the foods I buy in bulk because of their long shelf life and they’re just great wholesome staples to many plant based dishes that I eat. I threw together an effortless stew yesterday and I’ve had it twice already, its too yummy not to share. The chickpeas and black beans that I used we’re already cooked and in the fridge, but you could use a can of each instead.

Here’s the recipe to my delicious, comforting, filling, oil free, plant based meal.

1/2 onion

4 cloves garlic

6 carrots

1 green bell pepper

2 C cooked chickpeas

1 C cooked black beans

1/2 C dry lentils

3 small potatoes or 2 large potatoes

28 oz can of vine ripe tomatoes

1 bouillon

Added spices: cumin, paprika, black pepper

Lots of salt to taste

It’s as simple as chop it up and throw it into the Crock-Pot, cover with filtered water and push start. I cooked it on high for 6 hours and it was perfect. We had it over some Jasmine brown rice topped with lots of avocado. It’s a hearty meal, perfect for dinner or can be taken as lunch.

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