Vegan Backpacking Trip

Long, multi-day hikes that require all necessities including water to be carried in a heavy backpack often leads people to purchase freeze-dried packs of food for the convenience and light-weight. These “convenient” foods are filled with hydrogenated oils, preservatives, additives, and toxic chemicals. It seems counterproductive to consume these toxins on an activity-filled outdoor adventure.

Well, turns out that there are many light-weight foods that are natural, easy to store, healthy, and satisfying. These are the foods we brought.


We had 2 lunches, 1 breakfast, 1 dinner and snacks for 2 people.

Snacks: Dried Mangoes, Dried Peaches, Trail Mix, Fruit Bar

Breakfast: Quick oats, just add water. Apple.

Lunch: PB&J (for our first lunch before we even arrived to our camping location), Protein Bar

Dinner: Lentil Soup and Split Pea Soup, Quinoa and Brown Rice (Just add water to both)

We ate every few hours and felt satisfied throughout the trip. All our food combined weighed only about 6 lbs. Our entire trip was a little over 24 hours.





Has anyone else out there tried a vegan backpacking trip? If yes, which foods did you bring? What are your favorite foods for backpacking?


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