Mindful Monday 01

Bringing mindfulness into my life has changed me in every way. I never realized how powerful our mindsets can really be. I’m very passionate about being a physically active person, but when you combine mindfulness with physical activity, you may be surprised at the changes that come about in your life.

This week, I want to start with breathing. This is where it all started for me. We have been breathing hundreds of thousands of breaths per day since the day we were born, but what happens when we concentrate on inhaling deeply, and exhaling slowly and with control? We can expand our lung capacity and we can increase our maximum oxygen absorption to name just a few of the benefits.

Normally, when we breathe, we use only a small percentage of our lung space. Mindful breathing allows us to fill our lungs to the maximum capacity, expand the ribcage, and be present in the moment. Breathing is a very important aspect of yoga, but you can take this practice outside of the yoga studio. Mindful breathing can calm us down when we are frustrated or angry. Slow and intentional breathing can slow the heart rate during a stressful situation and this type of breathing can increase our focus on what we are doing, excellent during exercise.

The other day I was running late for work (a common theme in my life, you may have noticed) and I had 15 min to do my makeup, put clothes on, do my hair, and head out the door. I began to focus on my breathing as I was rushing, and I was able to move so efficiently, that I even had time to French braid my hair, put on earrings and lotion my body. It was like I learned how to harness a power that I’ve had within me. And that’s kind of what it’s like when you learn the power of your breathe. 

So this week, we can make it a point to take mindful breaths, whether we are exercising, becoming frustrated or running late, let’s tune into the power of mindful breathing and notice the changes that come about in our lives.

Let me know if you try it this week, and tell me what you think.

Thanks for reading!


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