Top 3 Cruelty-Free Beauty Products *June 2017*

This is the 1st edition of my monthly top 3 cruelty-free beauty items. Being an esthetician for the past 7 years has made me very selective about which products I use on my skin and which brands to trust. I’m a stickler for ingredients and I prefer natural, clean ingredients but I do sometimes use brands that are not all natural but still cruelty free (like NYX). This month, my 3 picks are all from natural, cruelty free and vegan brands.


Shea Moisture – Bar Soap

I buy this soap from Ulta or CVS, usually its around $5. I like these bars because of the delightful aroma, the rich moisturizing lather and they last for months in the shower. There is an ingredient that is listed as “fragrance” and I usually avoid this because there are so many chemicals that can be disguised as “fragrance”, but since this is a trustworthy brand that does not use harmful or toxic ingredients, I continue to buy these bars.

Andalou Naturals – BB Cream

This brand flaunts cruelty free, vegan and non GMO logos, so I already love everything they stand for. This BB cream is slightly tinted and it gives a very sheer coverage that will fit most skin tones. My skin is brown and I am surprised at how well it matches me, since I’m on the tanner side of the skin spectrum, but really its because its such a sheer coverage. I love the ingredients in this, aloe and jojoba are high on the list and this cream has brightening and antioxidant Vitamin C. Zinc Oxide is the sunscreen that provides SPF 30. Zinc oxide is a natural and hypo-allergenic physical sun block that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Also, this cream smells amazing. Its pretty rich, so its more appropriate for normal to dry skin types.

Tarte – Lights, Camera, Flashes

I’m picky with mascara (aren’t we all), and Tarte is one of my top favorite brands of all time. They have several awesome mascaras to choose from but I like this one because it is more smudge-proof than some of the other options, yet it is not water-proof. I am smudge-prone around my eye area and on most days I have minimal smudge with this mascara.  I absolutely love the wand on this one, it has spikes, so its effective at separating the lashes to avoid the clumpy look. This mascara is not cheap ($23), but I have purchased it multiple times because its a reliable choice for me.



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