Always Hungry

Well, I did it again. Running late and this time all I made myself was a protein shake after my workout and I grabbed a protein cookie and headed out to work. This was not enough food for me, especially since I went so hard at the gym this morning (trained legs and glutes… Workout plan coming […]

Running Late But Needing Food

This morning, like most mornings, I was in a rush trying to get out the door within 10 minutes, and I needed to make myself a lunch. Bringing my lunch to work keeps me on track with my eating habits and saves so much money in comparison to buying food during my lunch time. This […]

Yoga Sequence For Shoulders & Hips

Being an esthetician, I work for many hours a week with elbows raised almost to shoulder height and sitting with my hips in forward flexion. This is also common for anyone who works at a desk or spends hours at a time driving. For many people this can result in painfully tight chest muscles and […]

Bulletproof Coffee

Well…. It’s not really bulletproof coffee since it doesn’t have “grass fed butter” (gross), I used almond butter instead (yum!) I normally drink my coffee black, and I actually only drink coffee maybe once or twice a week, since it disturbs my sleep regardless of when I drink it. But this morning I was inspired […]